The Incredible Glowing Woman by Ingrid Moore
Performance dates: Oct. 20, 21, 22, 27, 29
hapax theatre’s 2022 season concludes with the world-premiere of The Incredible Glowing Woman.

It’s 1923, and Ruth Miller has just begun her job at the Radium Dial, painting
glow in the dark numbers onto watches. Inspired by stories from real Radium Girls, the play follows Ruth as she navigates the realities of the factory and her own sexuality. A beautiful queer love story, The Incredible Glowing Woman is a relevant and timeless reminder that love is love, regardless of the era, the people, or the beliefs of the society we have no choice but to exist within.

hapax theatre is committed to casting LGBTQIA2s+ performers in the roles of Anna and Ruth. Priority in audition booking and casting will be given to those who self-identify as Queer or being a part of the LGBTQIA2s+ community. If you are interested in auditioning, please send a resume and headshot to

Director: Heather Jarvie
Assistant Director/Props: Ricki Healey
Stage Manager: Taylor Guidotti
Producer: Chad Laidlaw
Costume Designer: Sarah Shepherd

Ruth – Female identifying, playing age range 19-30
Anna – Female identifying, playing age range 22-30
Joseph A. Kelly/Thomas – Male identifying, age range 20-35
Mrs. Miller – Female identifying, age range 45-60

Intimacy and Role Requirements for The Incredible Glowing Woman

Hapax Theatre Now Accepting Expressions of Interest:

In addition to The Incredible Glowing Woman we’re seeking actors of all levels of experience to bring to life a number of works in development. Afterlight, by Sarah Shepherd; To Wish Upon, by Emma Sainte-Marie; and Civis Sum, by Celia Taylor. If you’ve been curious about working with hapax
theatre, this is a great chance to dip your toe into the environment that we strive to create based on mutual respect, appreciation, and humanity.

All participants will receive a small honorarium and will be fed during rehearsal.

Rehearsal on August 28 from 12-4pm. Performance on August 29 from 7-10pm.

Character breakdown for Afterlight
● Natalie – 16 – Dead. Studious, introverted, doesn’t make a lot of trouble.
● Paula – 40s – Natalie’s boss. Quick to anger, but genuinely cares for her employees.
● Steve – 20s – Jogger. Overthinks things. Found Natalie on his morning run.
● Mary – 40s – Natalie’s mother. Typically very strong, although it is not seen here.
● Josh – 17 – Natalie’s friend. Jock. He was hosting a party the night Natalie died.
● Phoebe – 17 – Josh’s girlfriend and Natalie’s friend. She is in denial about a lot.
● Eric – 16 – Natalie’s friend. Studious. Very quiet, sensitive. The designated driver.
● Amanda – 19 – Natalie’s sister. Engineering student. Makes jokes to lighten the mood.
● Charlie – 17 – Natalie’s boyfriend. Soft-spoken, loved Natalie. Heartbroken.

Character breakdown for To Wish Upon
● Father – 40s – A botanist, and the father of Penelope and Juniper—caring and patient, trying his best to help his daughters understand the world around them.
● Penelope “Penny” – 18 – Has a responsibility she is yet to understand—she is an aspiring writer. Book-smart, yet naïve to the world around her, she tries to navigate what truly matters and what does not.
● Juniper “Junie” – 14 – The whiny sister of Penelope—she cares about finding her “knight in shining armour” more than anything else, she has a kind heart and means well.

Character breakdown for Civis Sum
Four Performers and 1 Reader to bring alive two interweaving stories of immigration bias in present day Canada and ancient Rome:
● Female identifying, BIPOC wears hijab, playing range 25-45
● Male identifying, with Neuromuscular Disorder, playing range 30-60
● Male identifying, playing 30-60
● Male identifying, playing 30-45
● Reader for Stage Directions (Any age, ethnicity, gender)

We are seeking to honour the work of the playwright and her vision for the characters as she attempts to throw into dramatic relief the cultural prejudices that underlie our laws and the mutability of social power dynamics.

hapax theatre is an independent not-for-profit theatre organization based in Victoria, BC that is committed to providing opportunities to emerging artists.

hapax theatre respectfully acknowledges that we live, create, and perform on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen People, today known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.