2023 hapax season

*hapax theatre would like to encourage theatre-makers of all backgrounds to apply for this season. We recognize that casting in theatre has historically been an exclusionary process, and we are not interested in perpetuating that history. We aim to centre anti-ableism, anti-racism, and equity in our casting practices.

It is important to our team that all interested artists know they will be treated with respect and dignity throughout the casting process, and in our rehearsal room should we be lucky enough to work with you.

If you require additional accommodations to make your audition with us as successful as possible, please let us know. We will do our best to make accessibility a priority.*

We are thrilled to announce the 2023 season of hapax theatre. There are lots of opportunities for both established and new artists within the season and we can’t wait to dive in.

Below you’ll find outlines of the kinds of roles we’re looking for this season. As opposed to previous years, we will be holding auditions by  invite-only. Please take the time to review the productions, dates, and roles listed below and email with your information. If you have a bio, headshot, and resume, please include them. If not, tell us a little about yourself and include your favourite picture of yourself. Either way, let us know what show you’re most interested in working on and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

The first and easiest way to get involved is with the Reading Series. After that, we’re so excited to bring you Civis Sum and NET. Check out the info below and then send us a note of interest!

Hidden People by Nicholas Guierrero  (April 14 & 15)

Directed by Chad Laidlaw

MAGNEA- A Farmer, 49 (she/her)

HÖGNI- A Farmer, 52 (he/him)         

BLAER- A Manager, 31 (she/they)

To Wish Upon by Emma St. Marie (April 14 & 15)

Directed by Ricki Healey 


A botanist, and the father of Penelope and Juniper—caring and patient, trying his best to help his daughters understand the world around them.


The whiny fourteen-year-old sister of Penelope—she cares about finding her “knight in shining armour” more than anything else, which annoys everybody around her, but, she has a kind heart and means well.


An eighteen-year-old with a responsibility she is yet to understand—she is an aspiring writer

who is book-smart, yet naïve to the world around her, as she tries to navigate what truly matters and what does not.

Civis Sum by Celia Taylor (June 23 – July 1)

Director TBD

(note that this play utilizes double casting and all actors will play 2 characters) 

Ghizlane – An economic migrant, originally from Morocco, applying for PR status in Canada.

Marc – An economic migrant, originally from France, applying for PR status in Canada. Working as an adjunct professor in Classics (études anciennes) at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Pierre – An immigration lawyer in Montreal.

Alexis – A janitor at Pierre’s firm.

Eunoë – A high-ranking Mauri woman, married to the Roman governor of Mauretania Tingitana. Played by the same actress as Ghizlane. ́

Quintus – An ambitious, Romanized Gaul. Played by the same actor as Marc.

Narcissus – Chancellor in charge of correspondence in the Roman empire, and the Emperor’s right-hand man. A former slave. Played by the same actor as Pierre.

Claudius – Emperor of Rome. Played by the same actor as Alexis.

NET by Elliott James (October 20 – 28)

Directed by Sereana Malani 

(Note that this is one act of a 3 act play. Actors who participate in NET will have first refusal in full-length future productions.)

ISIS – Wife and business partner to Graham. The number one luxury realtor in the metropolitan area.

GRAHAM –  A luxury realtor. Husband and business partner to Isis.

hapax theatre is an independent not-for-profit theatre organization based in Victoria, BC that is committed to providing opportunities to emerging artists.

hapax theatre respectfully acknowledges that we live, create, and perform on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen People, today known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.